"The 'WAY' of 'True Love' to Harmony is NOT that of Science, but that of a 'Renaissance.'"

That last post: “Deception even when NOT a Deception” is the perfect transition & lead-in to “Equational Poetry’s” Quantum Proof that just like Freud, Eienstein was a government employed fraud. Here’s why:

Eienstein’s theory of relativity relates to “Time-Space” but it falls to pieces at the Quantum Level because it’s meant for us to live in a bubble, of deception, & “Equational Poetry” has the “Proof in Poetry:”

“The proof is in a Poem:,” . . . ..remember? . . . ..sometimes one must take a step back before looking a back to find what one is looking for” The look back is time, while the step back is space.

Eienstein’s theory of relativity is “Carnal Knowledge” as in knew and structural. It falls to pieces at the quantum level due to the Quantum Equation for “True Love” that represents “Truth in MORE!!!!” One must open, inner heart’s door!

A step back while looking a back through a “Picture Painting” will debunk “The Theory of Relativity.”

There’s a huge difference between London’s pseudo code poems & pseudo code poetry & even more distinction in pseudo code Code Talker Poetry, because London's poems are “Fluff” or “Bells & Whistles,” artificial structures for aesthetics for personal sake, NOT for aesthetics’ sake, while pseudo code poetry is basses on “Equational Poetry,” thus, “True Life” mathematics that derives “Poetic Assertions” for “Truth in Meaning.” Additionally, Code Talker Pseudo code Poetry leads to “True Life” implementation of the meaning “WITHIN” the coding or algorithms.
 Got it ladies! Came last “Night ⭐️” night when the “Furthest Night ⭐️” aligned just right. It came closer than the “Nearest Night ⭐️” TO BE clear, it’s a woman that matters because she holds “True Love dear."
     Remember, “Equational Poetry,” Book V is NOT part of the original IV Book’s Series but the Series’ Companion Book that was needed to complete the 4 Book’s Series?
     The Tandem Book Writing Process also explains why “Equational Poetry” is “Wholistic Science” because Science is described via “The Scientific Method” that does NOT explain women.
     Science is given a problem to solve but women are the problem and will NOT define them “SELVES.”
     “Equational Poetry” is the “Whole Science” necessary to NOT just define but find the problem, to render solution.
     Science doesn’t give a damn about anything but money so why would Science waist its time on  women?
     The essence of “Equational Poetry” came from “The Every 50 Years Flower,” that is, the goddess of “True Love;” would you like to know her name? “The Black Hill’s Time Capsule” is now “PART of the EARTH” like the ROOTS of a TREE, you see?
     Your 100 years are up ladies.

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